Last Update: 2023-12-05 13:42:13 +0000



  • faraday adapter: added support for #on_data callback in order to support faraday streaming.

  • multipart plugin: removed support for file mime type detection using mime-types. The reasoning behind it was that mime-types uses the filename, which is a very inaccurate detection strategy (ex: an mp4 video will be identified as application/mp4, instead of the correct video/mp4).

  • multipart plugin: supported for file mime type detection using marcel and filemagic was added. Both use the magic header bytes, which is a more accurate strategy for file type detection.


  • webmock adapter has been reimplemented to work with httpx plugins (such as the :retries plugin). Some other fixes were applied to make it work better under vcr (a common webmock extension).

  • fixed the URI-related bug which was making requests stall under ruby 3.1 (still not officially testing against it).