Last Update: 2023-12-05 13:42:13 +0000



Jruby: HTTP/2 with jruby-openssl (>= 0.12.2)

The (optional) FFI-based TLS module for jruby was deleted. Besides it being cumbersome and hard to maintain, jruby‘s own openssl released support for ALPN negotiation (in v0.12.2), which solves the problem the deleted module was supposed to address.


  • webmock integration was fixed to take the mocked URI query string into account.

  • fix internal codepath where mergeable-but-not-coalescable connections were still triggering the coalesce branch.

  • fixed after-use mutation of connection addresses array which was making it empty after initial usage.

  • fixed a “busy loop” caused by long-running native resolver not signaling it had “nothing to do”.