Last Update: 2024-07-10 15:56:11 +0000



DNS: resolv.conf search/ndots options support (native/https resolvers)

Both the native (default) as well as the HTTPS (DoH) resolvers now support the “search” and “ndots” options, which adds domain “suffixes” under certain conditions to be used in name resolutions (this is a quite common feature found in kubernetes pods).

(While this means a new feature is being shipped in a patch release, one can argue that this feature “fixes” DNS in httpx.)


  • skipping headers comparison in HTTPX::Options#==; this had the unintended consequence of breaking connection reuse when crafting requests in a certain way, thereby making every request to the same origin issue their own connection, resulting, in multi-request scenarios (and with the :persistent plugin), in the process exhausting the max amount of allowed file descriptors.