Last Update: 2023-12-05 13:42:13 +0000



  • The retries plugin receives two new options:

  • retry_on: a callable that receives the failed response as an argument; the return value will determine whether there’ll be a retried request.

  • retry_after: time (in seconds) after which there request will be retried. Can be an integer or a callable that receives the request and returns an integer (one can do exponential back-off like that, for example).

  • Added support for DNS-over-HTTPS GET requests as per the latest spec.


  • HTTPX.plugins got deprecated; basically, it’s great until you have to pass options to a plugin, and then it just works (not). The recommended way to load multiple plugins is HTTPX.plugin(...).plugin(...).


  • fixed a proxy bug where an Alt-Svc response header would make the client try to connect. Just like connection coalescing and the ORIGIN frame, it ignores it when going through a proxy.