Last Update: 2024-07-10 15:56:11 +0000



  • (Re-)enabling default retries in DNS name queries; this had been disabled as a result of revamping timeouts, and resulted in queries only being sent once, which is very little for UDP-related traffic, and breaks if using DNs rate-limiting software. Retries the query just once, for now.


  • reset timers when adding new intervals, as these may be added as a result on after-select connection handling, and must wait for the next tick cycle (before the patch, they were triggering too soon).

  • fixed “on close” callback leak on connection reuse, which caused linear performance regression in benchmarks performing one request per connection.

  • fixed hanging connection when an HTTP/1.1 emitted a “connection: close” header but the server would not emit one (it closes the connection now).

  • fixed recursive dns cached lookups which may have already expired, and created nil entries in the returned address list.

  • dns system resolver is now able to retry on failure.


  • remove duplicated callback unregitering connections.