Last Update: 2023-12-05 13:42:13 +0000



:retries plugin: resumable requests

The :retries plugin will now support scenarios where, if the request being retried supports the range header, and a partial response has been already buffered, the retry will resume from there and only download the missing data.


As a result, ´HTTPX::ErrorResponse#response` has also been introduced; error responses may have an actual response. This happens in cases where the request failed after a partial response was initiated.

:buffer_size option

A nnew option, :buffer_size, can be used to tweak the buffers used by the read/write socket routines (16k by default, you can lower it in memory-constrained environments).


:native resolver falls back to TCP for truncated messages

The :native resolver will repeat DNS queries to a nameserver via TCP when the first attempt is marked as truncated. This behaviour is both aligned with getaddrinfo and the resolv standard library.

This introduces a new resolver_options option, :socket_type, which can now be :tcp if it is to remain the default.


HTTPX.build_request should receive upcased string (i.e. “GET”)

Functions which receive an HTTP verb should be given he verb in “upcased string” format now. The usage of symbols is still possible, but a deprecation warning will be emitted, and support will be removed in v1.0.0 .

Remove HTTPX::Registry

These internal registries were a bit magical to use, difficult to debug, not thread-safe, and overall a nuisance when it came to type checking. While there is the possibility that someone was relying on it existing, nothing had ever been publicly documented.


  • fixed proxy discovery using proxy env vars (HTTPS_PROXY, NO_PROXY…) being enabled/disabled based on first host uused in the session;

  • fixed :no_proxy option usage inn the :proxy plugin.

  • fixed webmock adapter to correctly disable it when Webmock.disable! is called.

  • fixed bug in :digest_authentication plugin when enabled and no credentials were passed.

  • fixed several bugs in the sentry adapter around breadcrumb handling.

  • fixed :native resolver candidate calculation by putting absolute domain at the bottom of the list.