Last Update: 2023-04-29 00:05:41 +0000

0.8.0 (12/03/2022)


  • Device code grant

rodauth-oauth now supports the Device code grant RFC, via the oauth_device_grant feature.

  • OAuth Tokens Management

An OAuth Tokens Management Dashboard is now provided (via r.oauth_tokens call to enable the routes). It allows the logged in account to list and revoke OAuth Tokens which have been issued for its resources.

  • Assertion Framework (+ SAML and JWT Bearer Grant)

A new plugin, oauth_assertion_base, was introduced to provide a baseline for implementing custom Bearer Assertion as per the OAuth Client Assertion Framework RFC. This in turn was used to refactor and reintroduce the oauth_saml_bearer_grant and the oauth_jwt_bearer_grant features, which implement the respective and most recent version of the assertion RFCs.

(as a result, oauth_saml was removed, which implemented a very old draft version of the SAML Bearer spec).


The OAuth functionality was refactored from 1 big feature, into several features:

  • oauth_base

  • oauth_authorization_code_grant

  • oauth_implicit_grant

  • oauth_device_grant

  • oauth_token_introspection

  • oauth_token_revocation

  • oauth_application_management

  • oauth_token_management

  • oauth_pkce

They’re still loaded together via the oauth feature for backwards compatibility. This will change in a major version.


  • oauth_jwt integration with the json-jwt gem does proper claims validation now;