My name is Tiago, and this is my small corner of the internet.


I am a member of the ruby community, and I develop and maintain the following ruby gems:

  • httpx : the most advanced HTTP client library for ruby, supports HTTP/2, concurrent requests, and several plugins for more complex functionality.
  • rodauth-oauth : a library to easily build OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect providers, built on top of the rodauth ruby authentication framework for rack applications.
  • netsnmp : SNMP manager library built in pure ruby, supports the SNMP protocols "v1", "v2c" abd "v3", SNMPv3 USM, MIB file parsing.
  • tobox : Background task framework implementing the transactional outbox pattern in ruby.
  • cel : Pure ruby implementation of a Common Expression Language (CEL) interpreter.
  • http-2-next : Pure ruby implementation of the HTTP/2 protocol, fork from the http-2 gem.
  • rodauth-select-account : Plugin for the rodauth ruby authentication framework introducing support for switching accounts in the same logged-in session.
  • idnx : Decodes internationalized domain names into punycode, binds to libidn2 (or win32 APIs in windows) via FFI.
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