The :expect plugin enables sending the expect: 100-continue header on all requests that contain a request body (POST, PATCH…).

httpx already supported the flow when the user would pass the header manually, however, this plugin adds the following features on top of it:

  • It resends the request without the Expect header if the server responds with 417 Expectation Failed.
  • It sends the body after the number of seconds defined in the :expect_timeout option (default: 2) if no 100 Continue response is received (similar to what curl does).


You can set how long (in seconds) you want to wait for the 100 Continue response before sending the body.


When set, it means: the byte size threshold until which the expect: 100-continue header won’t be sent. This option is here if some requests are so small that using expect: 100-continue only generates needless round-trips, but you’d still like to enable it when uploading files.

HTTPX.plugin(:expect, expect_timeout: 10).post("https://example.com")

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